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"Johnson played Lucy’s outward sexuality fully and...expanded it after her encounter with Dracula...Vela and Federico’s version is well-written, beautifully produced, and acted perfectly."
"...a two-act, female-orgasm-first version...a sex-thirsty force of nature."
"Lucy...refutes the patriarchal admonition that sexually frank women are unseemly. She’s nearly a nymph, or even a demigoddess of playful eroticism."


"There are ghosts on the staircase, skeletons in the closet, and much more than the Inspector bargained for!"


"As Jane [Netherfield] (the soon-to-be-astrophysicist), Natalie Hope Johnson provides a strong entry point to the show. Her opening monologue feels [as] natural as if it were invented on the spot. It carries with it an air of secrecy, the words she speaks shouldn’t escape this room..."
"[A] highlight [was] Natalie Hope Johnson, who uplifted Jane’s truthful innocence throughout."

communicating doors

"Natalie Hope Johnson portrays Poopay with both toughness and vulnerability that makes her extremely likable...a brave, intelligent woman who happens to have had some tough breaks. Her growth as a character throughout the play is magical to watch in Ms. Johnson’s capably talented hands..."

blood feast

"...a single unimpeachably successful Natalie Hope Johnson, whose Leaena is the only source of real humor amid all the mounting virtue of Johnson’s hook – a British dialect she unwaveringly occupies, the ironic lilt of which allows her to take every line like the top of a banister – nearly everything she says is amusing. The play surges into life once she arrives..."

the hollow

"...Then the glamorous Veronica (Natalie Hope Johnson), a movie star who was an old flame of John's, arrives and things start to sizzle."
"...A former lover, the movie star Veronica Craye, portrayed with bitchy glamour by Natalie Hope Johnson..."
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